Our core range beers are available year-round.


Where it all beganDR JONES

American IPA 6.5%

The beer that started it all. Dr Jones was the first beer we brewed in 2014 and it is still in our core range. Brewed with Pale Ale and a bit of Caramel malt for the color and body and hopped with fruity Mosaic and resiny Chinook hops to create a multilayered but very drinkable beer. In a world full of New England and milkshake IPAs, it’s a breath of fresh air. A beer that will never go out of style.

Grandma's apple pieAPPLEHOFF

Sour Ale 5.2%

There once was a brewer who got to taste a beer brewed with miso paste and for some peculiar reason it reminded him of fresh apple pie. An idea was born – liquid apple pie. A few test brews followed – the first one smelled like glue and the brewer was advised to never brew this beer again. But he didn’t give up that easily and finally Applehoff was born – a lactobacillus-soured ale brewed with Granny Smith apples and Ceylon cinnamon. Close your eyes, take a whiff from the glass and be transported to your grandma’s kitchen.


Who said sour and hoppy don't mix?SOUR PARK

Sour Session IPA 5.0%

Sours and IPAs are probably the most popular types of beers among craft beers. But what will you get when you put them together? You will get something that is incredibly refreshing and easy to drink. The light sour beer is accentuated by fruity hops to create a unique taste combination. There is nothing more suiting on a hot summer day.

Coffee and dark chocolateHANNIBAL


With a thick body, notes of coffee and dark chocolate, and a lingering aftertaste, Hannibal is more like a liquid dessert than a beer. Dark, bitter and sweet, it’s a beer to enjoy on cold nights in front of a fire.


Bohemian PilsnerFUNK SOUL

SMASH Pils brewed using decoction method 5.5%

Sometimes you just want a beer. To drink with your food. To drink in sauna. To drink when you have gluten intolerance. Here’s where Funk Soul comes in. Classic SMASH style Pilsner brewed using decoction method that goes with everything. And while it’s gluten free, it doesn’t sacrifice anything in taste.


Sourish Cherry Ale 4,1%

We had a saying that each time our fans asked for cherry ale from us and we could get a nickel, we would be rich already. Once we were confident enough and established our own brewery, we took Philly Sour yeast, wheat flakes, some grain and our own Estonian company produce 100% cherry concentrate and mixed them all together to create this wonderful red diamond colored, slightly sour, slightly sweet cherry ale. We are really happy how it turned out and its has become one of our core range beer ever since which we have brewed several batches of.


Juicy NeIPAYellow Sabromarine

NeIPA 6,9%

New rising stars in hop variety: Yellow Sub and Sabro. Yellow Sub is a hop variety from Germany bringing excellent hop aroma into a beer with sweet, fruity flamenco of apricot and orange, with a hint of blackberries. Blending them together with Sabro hops that are from Yakima valley, they create distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit aromas, with hints of cedar, mint, and cream. All this goodness is carried in excellent juicy balance and supported by a bit higher abv.

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