Catch Up! Chili
4.1 %vol



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Catch Up! is a unique and flavorful gose beer that blends the taste of fresh tomatoes, basil, and Carolina Reaper chili into a delicious brew with a modest 4.1% ABV. This beer is perfect for those looking for something different and bold.

Catch Up! pours a hazy pinkish-orange color with a light foam head. The aroma of ripe tomatoes and fresh basil immediately tickles the senses, while the chili adds a subtle spiciness to the nose.

On the palate, Catch Up! delivers a refreshing burst of flavors. The tomato and basil notes are complemented by a tangy and slightly salty character, which is characteristic of the gose style. The chili adds a gentle heat that lingers on the tongue, providing a nice contrast to the sweetness of the tomatoes.


Contains barley and wheat malts.