Wild Wild Barley Wine 0.375L


Style: Wild Barley Wine
Vegan: Yes
ABV: 15.0 %vol

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Introducing “Wild Wild Barley Wine” – a truly exceptional brew that combines the untamed essence of the wilderness with the elegance of aged craftsmanship. This exquisite barley wine, boasting a tantalizing 15% ABV, is a testament to the artistry of brewing.

Wild Wild Barley Wine is a captivating blend of robust barley, sweet dates, and succulent raisins, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. However, what sets it apart is its extended maturation in oak barrels, where it has patiently aged for over two years. During this time, wild yeast strains have worked their magic, infusing the brew with intricate complexities and a touch of rustic charm.

Each sip of Wild Wild Barley Wine is an adventure in itself, as it presents a rich tapestry of malt, fruit, and the gentle influence of oak. The result is a harmonious marriage of boldness and refinement, inviting you to explore the untamed wilderness of flavor within every bottle. Discover the essence of patience and wild beauty in every sip of Wild Wild Barley Wine.

0.375 L


Contains barley malts.

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Wild Barley Wine




15.0 %vol

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