Girl Jam
6,5 %vol

Milkshake Pale Ale 0,33l


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Girl Jam is a playful and refreshing milkshake pale ale that combines the fruity sweetness of raspberry with the creamy coconut and a subtle hint of mint.

Pouring a hazy pink with a fluffy white head, Girl Jam bursts with aromas of ripe raspberries and tropical coconut. On the palate, the first sip reveals a juicy raspberry flavor that is balanced by a creamy coconut undertone. The addition of lactose sugar adds a smooth and silky mouthfeel that makes this beer reminiscent of a raspberry milkshake.

The finish is refreshing and bright, with a hint of mint that leaves a crisp and clean aftertaste. The combination of fruit and creamy sweetness makes Girl Jam a perfect beer to pair with spicy food or a summer fruit salad.

wheat, barley, lactose