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Pippin Ain’t Easy is a New England-style India Pale Ale (NEIPA) brewed with New Zealand hops, with a moderate 7.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) that is perfect for those looking for a hoppy, yet not too overpowering beer. This particular brew is made using a combination of three hop varieties: Motueka, Rakau, and Waimea, which are all known for their distinct flavors and aromas.

The Motueka hop brings a bright, citrusy character to the beer, with notes of lemon, lime, and grapefruit. The Rakau hop adds a unique tropical twist, with hints of passionfruit, peach, and apricot. Finally, the Waimea hop provides a piney, resinous element, with a slight dankness that complements the other hops perfectly.

The resulting beer is hazy and golden in color, with a thick, creamy head that lingers on the palate. It has a juicy, fruity aroma, with a hint of pine and dankness in the background. On the palate, Pippin Ain’t Easy is bursting with flavors of citrus, tropical fruit, and resinous pine, balanced by a slight sweetness and a moderate bitterness.

Overall, Pippin Ain’t Easy is a delicious NEIPA that showcases the unique flavors and aromas of New Zealand hops. Its moderate ABV and balanced flavor profile make it a great choice for hopheads and beer enthusiasts alike.


Contains barley, wheat and oat malts.

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