Vanila Kunis


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Pours darker than darkness with dark brown highlights in the light; moderate, persistent, creamy beige foam lingers above. Aroma is rich in beans—an intermingling of the sticky, sweet, and spicy tonka leads with a luscious fragrance of smooth vanilla keeping things going. Behind the sweet is the stout—roasty, bitter chocolate, coffee, and dark fruits.
Taste keeps the beans coming, with a hefty tonka touch taking the first punch in its sticky, spicy glory; vanilla joins in right behind with its softer, sweeter presence.
Something, something, dark side jumps in to bring harmony, robust in roast, bitter chocolate, and dark coffee; touches of dried dark fruits follow as that luscious vanilla returns for a second go of it.
Aftertaste is rich in both roast and sticky sweetness, accompanied by an emerging bitterness to dampen the sticky decadence. It’s thick, velvety, and smooth in body; carbonation is mild, the finish is long, luscious, and lightly dry.
Contains barley malts.

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11.1 %vol


Dark, Stout Pastry



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