How we brew


We at Anderson’s believe that beer needn’t be a boring drink used to quench thirst only. While it certainly can be that, beer can also be something that will leave you with emotions and memories. Beer can surprise you and bring a smile to your face. We strive to create beers that are original, memorable, balanced and of quality.


We use only the best quality ingredients in our beers. There will never be any taste enhancers, extracts or preservatives added to our brews. We always prefer local ingredients, where possible. Most of our beers are also vegan-friendly.



Our brewery’s boil size is 2000L. There is no automation. We adhere to the best industry standards in cleaning, sanitizing, oxygen purging etc. All of our beers are unfiltered.


The finished beer is packaged into bottles, cans or kegs. Barrel-aged beers are waxed to prevent any oxygen from seeping in through the crown cap. Together we will come up with a cool new name and our designer Kristin will design a super awesome label.